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Adjustable Dressmakers Dummy in Black Fabric with Hem Marker, Dress Form Sizes 10 to 22, Pin, Measure, Fit and Display your Clothes on this Tailors Dummy Sewing Online 02381---Black

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Sewing Online Adjustable Dressmakers Dummy - Black Fabric

The Sewing Online Adjustable Dressmakers Dummy in Black Fabric is a versatile and essential tool for dressmaking and tailoring projects. Designed to provide sewers with an updated and more natural female body shape, this dress form offers various adjustable features for a precise and accurate fit.

Improved Body Shape: The 8-part Sew Simple Dress Form comes with a more natural female body shape, including full shoulders for improved sleeve hanging. This feature ensures that your garments fit and drape accurately, just like they would on a real person.


  • Adjusting Thumb Wheels: The dress form is equipped with 12 adjusting thumb wheels, which allow you to fine-tune the measurements to match your specific size and proportions accurately.
  • Foam-Backed Nylon Covering: The dress form's foam-backed nylon covering allows you to easily pin and mark fabrics during the fitting and garment creation process. This feature enables you to make precise adjustments with ease.
  • Back Length Adjustment: With the back length adjustment feature, you can customize the dress form to match your back length precisely, ensuring that your garments fit comfortably and look flattering.
  • Sturdy 4-Legged Stand: The dress form comes with a sturdy plastic 4-legged stand, providing stability during fittings and making it easy to display your finished garments.
  • Comes with Pin Grip Hem Marker: The dress form includes a Pin Grip Hem Marker, allowing you to mark hemlines accurately and achieve professional-looking results in your sewing projects.
  • Available in Various Sizes: The dress form is available in a wide range of sizes, including both small and medium options, catering to different body measurements and ensuring an ideal fit for your sewing projects. Please check your measurments on the sizing tables below.
  • 2 Years Manufacturer's Guarantee: The manufacturers offer a 2-year guarantee on the dress form, assuring you of its quality and durability.


An Essential Tool for Dressmaking

The Sewing Online Adjustable Dressmakers Dummy is a must-have for anyone involved in dressmaking and tailoring. Its updated body shape and adjustable features make it an indispensable tool for achieving the perfect fit in your garments.

Create Professional-Looking Garments

With the foam-backed nylon covering and Pin Grip Hem Marker, this dress form allows you to work with precision and achieve professional-looking results in all your sewing projects. Whether you're a seasoned tailor or a beginner, this dress form will elevate the quality of your garments.

Perfect Fit for Every Project

Thanks to the various size options and adjustable features, the Sewing Online Adjustable Dressmakers Dummy can be customized to match your unique body measurements accurately. It ensures that your garments fit comfortably and look flattering for all your sewing endeavors.

Adjustable Dimensions

SKU Size Bust/Chest Waist Hips Back Length
023816-Black Small
(UK 10-18)
33-40 in 84-104 cm 25-33 in 65-84 cm 35-42 in 89-109 cm 15-16.5 in 38-42 cm
023817-Black Medium
(UK 16-22)
38-46 in 99-119 cm 31-40 in 81-104 cm 40-48 in 104-122 cm 15-16.5 in 38-42 cm
023818-Black Large
(UK 18-24)
45-53 in 114-135 cm 38.5-46.5 in 98-118 cm 47-54 in 119-137 cm 16-18 in 41- 46 cm


Fixed Dimensions



Overall Top Head
Height Maximum
to Hip
Shoulder to
Shoulder Width
to Nipple
023816-BLACK Small
(UK 10-18)
14.5-17 in 37-45 cm 71 in 180 cm 7 in 18 cm 14.5 in 37 cm 9 in 23 cm
023817-BLACK Medium
(UK 16-22)
15-17 in 38-45 cm 71 in 180 cm 7 in 18 cm 15.5 in 39 cm 10.5 in 27 cm
023818-Black Large
(UK 18-24)
15-18½ in 39-48cm 71 in 180 cm 7 in   18 cm 17 in 44cm 11 in 29cm


Please check your measurements.

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