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Extra Large Sewing Machine Trolley Bag on Wheels Navy | 63 x 43 x 30cm | Sewing Machine Storage for Janome, Brother, Singer, Bernina and Most Machines Birch 006107-NAVY

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Extra Large Sewing Machine Trolley Bag Navy - 006107-NAVY

The Extra Large Sewing Machine Trolley Bag in Navy is the ultimate storage solution for your sewing machine. With its generous size and thoughtful design, this trolley bag provides both protection and convenience for transporting and storing your sewing machine and accessories.

Key Features:

  • Generously Sized: This sewing machine trolley bag is extra-large, providing ample space to accommodate most sewing machine models, including Janome, Brother, Singer, Bernina, and more. You can comfortably fit your machine inside, ensuring it is well-protected during transportation and storage.
  • Internal Padded Walls: The bag features internal padded walls that safeguard your sewing machine from impact and bumps during travel. The cushioned interior adds an extra layer of protection to keep your precious sewing machine in perfect condition.
  • Large Pockets: The trolley bag is equipped with large pockets, allowing you to organize and store sewing accessories, such as thread spools, bobbins, needles, scissors, and more. Everything you need for your sewing projects can be conveniently kept within reach.
  • Velcro Safety Strap: A Velcro safety strap is included to securely fasten your sewing machine inside the bag, preventing it from shifting during transport. Your machine will stay in place, reducing the risk of damage and providing peace of mind.
  • Telescopic Lockable Metal Handle: The trolley bag comes with a strong telescopic handle that can be locked in place. This retractable handle allows you to easily pull the bag behind you while on the move. The lockable feature ensures stability and control.
  • Easy Glide Triple Wheels: The bag is equipped with two sets of three smooth-gliding wheels, providing excellent stability and maneuverability. Whether you're navigating through busy airports or busy craft shows, these wheels make transportation a breeze.
  • Minimal Assembly Required: The trolley bag is designed for convenience, and minimal assembly is required. You can quickly set it up and start using it to transport your sewing machine and accessories.

Protection and Convenience Combined

The Extra Large Sewing Machine Trolley Bag in Navy offers a perfect balance of protection and convenience. The padded interior walls safeguard your sewing machine from potential damage during travel, while the large pockets provide accessible storage for all your sewing essentials. No need to carry multiple bags—everything can be neatly organized in one place.

Travel in Style

The navy color adds a touch of sophistication to the trolley bag, making it a stylish and practical accessory for your sewing adventures. Whether you're heading to a sewing class, a craft fair, or simply storing your machine at home, this trolley bag is designed to accompany you in style.

Easy and Effortless Transport

With its telescopic lockable metal handle and smooth-gliding triple wheels, this trolley bag offers easy and effortless transport. Simply extend the handle, lock it in place, and glide the bag smoothly behind you. Say goodbye to heavy lifting and hello to convenient mobility!

Upgrade your sewing machine storage with the Extra Large Sewing Machine Trolley Bag in Navy. Experience the convenience of organized and protected sewing machine transportation and storage with this stylish and functional trolley bag.

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