Sewing Alterations And Repairs 200 Questions Answered

Sewing Alterations And Repairs 200 Questions Answered

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Got an alterations problem you can’t solve? Curious to know more about a specific technique? Want to know how to repair both by hand and using a sewing machine? Alterations and Repairs 200 Q&A will come to your rescue, answering 200 questions on a vast range of alteration topics.

Expert advice on mending clothes and soft furnishings, and on making alterations – all given in a straightforward question-and-answer format How to revamp clothes – including simple ways to alter a garment’s style; adding finishing touches; adjusting the size of clothes. Learn all-important mending techniques – including sewing on buttons; re-stitching unravelled sewing; fixing holes and tears; darning woollens; replacing worn or stained cloth


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