Sewing And Craft Library

We know we are biased but sewing really is a fantastic hobby one that can keep you occupied for hours but that can also produce some stunning works of art as well as practical items. Whether you want to be able to create your own clothing or just want to be able to create beautiful items for the home such as bedding or curtains, you can find plenty of information to set you on the right path.

Here at Sewing-Online we have a range of fabulous sewing books to help you when it comes to sewing from home. You can learn all the basic techniques and then move on to more elaborate designs with the help of these books; each contains step by step instructions and photos to show you how the designs should look.

There are so many great ideas in these books that you are bound to come across something you may not have even thought of. You could soon be creating things like bags, purses, cushions, toys and so much more.

    Comprehensive List Of Fabulous Plus Size Simplicity Sewing Patterns (Part 1)
    I was recently asked on Facebook if I planned on doing any plus size sewing features. It has been on my ‘To Do List’ for a while but I’d never got round to doing it . It’s not on that list anymore though… Read More
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